Zufriedene Gäste – Sie geben uns ein Zeugnis

Dear guests!

You were not satisfied with our service and have something to complain about?
Unfortunately, not everything runs perfectly and always as desired with us either.

Therefore I turn to you with a very personal request:

My name is Ramona and I am responsible for the perfect operation of the Lindenhof.
If your ordered meal or any other service is not in order, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately.
Complaints are taken really seriously, and mistakes should be avoided as a result.

Before we have to read this in a negative post, please reach out to me directly and be upfront about what you think is wrong.

Open, fair and straightforward – from person to person – not just days later, anonymous and no longer traceable.
Being “punished” and pilloried on Google, Facebook or other portals and not being able to justify ourselves – this is not a reasonable option.

We always strive to find a reasonable and quick solution on site and to your advantage.
Our wish is satisfied guests who would like to visit us again!

Your Ramona and the Lindenhof-Team