Restaurant Lindenhof

A Warm Welcome and Bon Appetite!

We are glad to see you!

Where happy people spend their holidays, there are also beautiful places for Culinary Connoisseurs.

Our menues do not only include “Austrian Classics” such as the Wiener Schnitzel, but also freshly caught fish, local specialties such as “Carinthian Kasnudeln (stuffed cheese-noodles)” and temporarily available goodies such as wild garlic, asparagus or chanterelles.

Vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, quality meat, pasta specialties, cheese products, herbs, spices and wines are always carefully selected – and of course also food from our southern neighboring countries.

We prefer to cook what nature offers as a precious delicacy.

We spoil our guests with creative dishes and local specialties according to classic traditional recipes.

The meals are also influenced by the Adriatic Region. But regardless of whether Traditional Cuisine or Mediterranean Recipes – here you will find the pleasure in Eating.


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